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Bulk Card Scanning and Indexing

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You have a box or, let's be honest, many boxes of cards laying around that you keep meaning to list on your marketplace of choice but the task ahead of you - photographing, organizing, indexing - is daunting. Let us help.

What We Offer

Our Bulk Card Scanning and Indexing service will provide a high-quality scan (front and back) of every card you submit as well as an Excel spreadsheet featuring the player name, card brand, year, team, and in most cases, other identifying information (like "RC" or "1st Bowman").

In addition to these digital deliveries which will make it easier for you to sell your cards online, we'll return a box organized by team.

How It Works

  1. Get your cards together and put together a estimate for the quantity of cards you'd like to submit. (When placing your order, that is the quantity you should enter for this service as we charge a flat $0.15 per card.)
  2. Place your order on this website. Please enter the estimated card quantity in the order quantity field. (Please note we will adjust your order for the correct number of cards after processing - we will refund if you over-pay and we will seek payment if you under-pay.)
  3. Prepare your cards for shipment to Drew's Card Shop, P.O. Box 210714, San Francisco, California 94121. Ship your cards.
  4. Upon receipt, a member of our team will contact you with a timeline. We are currently processing orders within two weeks of receipt but this may adjust based on other orders or the quantity and condition of your order.

Please Note

  • At this time, we only offer this service for baseball cards.
  • While we take every precaution and take good care of your cards as if they are our own, we offer no guarantees about the return condition of your cards. As is the case with any bulk process, the risk of minor damage to your cards is real.
  • You are responsible for shipping your cards to Drew's Card Shop.